Sortition Foundation – I just found this site and haven’t read it all, but it looks good.

Ted Talk on democracy in Ancient Athens …complete with comprehension quiz and more…

Wikipedia’s entry on sortition is quite good now.

David Grant’s Common Lot website has some excellent videos promoting the idea of sortition, some of which I have embedded on the Videos page of this site.

Excellent article on sortition by Matt Hall.

Demo-Ex – a direct-democratic experiment in Sweden. Now technically over because the Demo-Ex party has merged with Direktdemocraterna. Per Norb├Ąck wrote a very engaging account of how the Demo-Ex idea arose out of a high school project, how the party was formed, and how it won and subsequently held a seat in local government in Vallentuna. The English translation is available for 99p as an e-book on Amazon Kindle and is entitled The Little Horse from Athens.

The Wisdom of Crowds by James Surowiecki.

The Athenian Option: Radical Reform for the House of Lords – by Anthony Barnett and Peter Carty

The Constitution of Athens by Aristotle – c. 250 BC. A good scan of a paper copy can be found here at, and other free versions, including for Kindle, can be found here at The first half of the book takes us through the history preceding the democratic era in Athens, and is interesting in itself, but if you just want a description of how the democratic system was organised, you could start reading from section 40 or thereabouts. – Info Tech of Ancient Democracy A description of the technology used to implement the Ancient Athenian democratic systems.

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