How to join

A few people have already expressed a desire to join this as-yet-not-quite-existing Lottery Party, so I think I’d better sort out a way for them to do that fairly soon. OK, so just for now there’s a form on the Members page to sign up to a Mailchimp mailing list, so at least people can … Read more

Preliminary research on legality of lottery model

2015-06-08 13:13:09 Monday… [Post moved from previous site] Just had a conversation with a couple of guys at the Electoral Commission. Very helpful. I ran the basic model of the party past them and they had no immediate concerns. That Commission is apparently not interested in the mechanism by which the party is funded, only … Read more

The Lottery Party is born!

Welcome to the UK Lottery Party’s WordPress web site. In fact the Party started officially around a fire at a party in a garden in Oxford when the second member was welcomed in with a handshake on 6th June 2015.  A party is not a party with only one member after all.